Here’s To the Start of My Blogging Journey

Recently a lot of people have told me that I bottle my feelings up and do not talk about them. I agree with this. Although this method has always been effective for me, I am willing to try something new. So I am going to write. I am going to write about my thoughts, my dreams, my classes, my experiences, or anything else that is floating around in my head. First I am going to write a little bit of a brief overview about myself.

I am a junior in college majoring in Biology. When I say that my major is Biology, most people ask what I am going to do with that. I am going to change the world in any way that I can. As a college student, besides taking a full course load, I am involved in approximately 500 other things. I learned a long time ago to keep myself busy and I will be happy. Not only do I do this to stay sane, but I also try to engulf myself in as many things as possible because I have way too many interests. I have learned throughout my first two years in college that I have so many dreams and it is okay to strive to reach them all. I constantly have thoughts and ideas running through my head. Some may say my mind is “creative” but sometimes it is simply obnoxious. With this being said, here is the easiest explanation I have as to why I am a Biology major. Animals are my greatest passion. Growing up I always wanted a dog, instead I always got cats. I fell in love with every one of them. I realized that I liked talking to animals more than people very young, simply because they always listen. Finally, about 4 years ago I got a dog. Her name is Jessie and she is my bestfriend. No matter what is going on, I walk into my house and she puts a smile on my face instantly. Quitting competition twirling and dancing, which I had done for as long as I could remember to ride horses, was by far the best decision of my life. Approximately 8 years later, I am still doing it and nothing makes me happier. Horses always know the perfect thing to say without speaking. They erase every bad thing that is ever going on. I always have and always will love that riding horses is constantly a challenge because it clears my mind. Although I have never cared about being the best rider, I always try to be better than I was the day before. Since so many different animals have had a major impact on me throughout my life, I always thought I wanted to be a Veterinarian. Well, I changed my major after a year and a half from Pre-Veterinary Science to Biology. Not because I do not want to save all of the animals in the world just like I have always wanted, but because college has opened my mind to so many amazing things in this world. I feel like I have so many opportunities to make a difference, besides being a Veterinarian. I am going to continue exploring these things while I try to figure out life and while I do that, I will write about it.

So cheers, to my new journey as a blogger.


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