5 Reasons Why College Students Hit Snooze


College students juggle a million things everyday. Class, work, studying, friends, clubs, and sports, just to name a few, fall into the “everyday tasks” category. On top of all of this, people expect us to squeeze in time to shower and maybe eat a few meals every day. I don’t think I can put into words how important that extra 5 (or 55… but who is counting?) minutes of sleep is. Honestly, I don’t think we should feel guilty about sleeping a little longer occasionally, but I do. In an everlasting attempt to justify hitting the snooze button, I argue with myself every morning. Here are some of my typical morning arguments, which I find to be legitimate and common amongst college students. FYI, I always win.

1. Physical Necessity for More Sleep

“Yeah I studied an extra hour last night (or I drank a little too much) so I actually need to sleep longer, for my health of course.”

2. The Temperature Difference Between My Bed and My Room

“My room is approximately 5 degrees and my bed is approximately 80 degrees. If I get out of bed, I am going to be forced to sprint around my room throwing cloths on to avoid hypothermia. Also, I just like being cuddly and warm. Why give up a good thing?”

3. That Can Easily Be Skipped

“What can I avoid this morning that will give me a little more sleep? My hair? Yeah I will just throw it up. I can just do my make-up quickly… Am I wearing jeans today? Nope, screw jeans, yogas it is. I really should eat breakfast though. Okay well I can probably eat enough in five minutes. It’s settled, back to sleep.”

4. Fear of Sleeping in Class

“If I get up at this moment, I will be too tired to stay awake in class, so I will inevitably fall asleep resulting in my professor hating me.”

5. Sleeping on a Twin-Sized College Bed (MOST IMPORTANT)

“It took me over an hour, which consisted of rolling around, loosing my pillows/covers/stuffed animals, fixing my covers, having my feet/arms hang off, fixing my constantly moving mattress pad, and trying to tune out the constant deafening squeaking that occurs every time I move slightly to finally fall asleep in this damn twin sized college bed. I DESERVE to stay asleep as long as I want!”


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