Inside the Mind of the Driver


Today I made the 250 mile drive from my college in Massachusetts to my home in Pennsylvania for Spring Break. For me, driving for hours alone consists of eating (junk food mostly), making an idiot out of myself jamming out to any song that comes on, and thinking. Today I thought about everything going on in my life and all of the amazing experiences I’ve had in the past few months. Honestly, I am so overwhelmingly happy with my life right now. I have so many amazing friends, coworkers, bosses, and role models surrounding me everyday. With the help of the influence of these individuals, I began to find myself again. I truly believe that college is about finding yourself over and over again.

People are constantly asking me what it is like to go to school hours away from home. I always say, “I have two completely different worlds that I live in”. Being away from my animals is probably the most difficult part. Of course I miss my human family members, but I can talk to them on the phone unlike my animal family members. So of course, it is always refreshing to come home to everyone on breaks, but I also miss my college friends while I am away. In college, your friends become your family. We eat meals together, go shopping together, study together, advise one another on life choices, comfort each other, take care of each other whether we are sick or not, etc. That bond is irreplaceable. Whether I am overtired, grumpy, silly, stressed out, upset, way too happy, or what have you, my friends are there and deal with it all. Even on the days that we want to kill each other, or can’t see the others’ side, nothing seems to change. As my friends see the end of out junior year approaching, we are constantly talking about what’s next. There are the more immediate thoughts about finding our apartment for our senior year, what classes we still have to take before graduating, and all of that fun stuff. Then there are the more nauseating thoughts about after graduating, which is coming faster than any of us had anticipated. Although it is terrifying, it is great knowing that the bond between us isn’t going to be broken and we will figure it out together. By this I mean, we will choose our next state to reside in together, and that is so exciting.

In conclusion, these are some of my random thoughts from my nice long drive today.


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