The First Ever “Sunday’s Taste of Euphoria”

One of the reasons I started blogging was to “get things off my chest”. I wanted to find a new way of expressing myself. I have come to enjoy writing a lot more in the past couple of years, compared to when I was younger, so I figured I should write more and hopefully improve my skills. I have been trying to think of a weekly themed post that I could start, so I figured I could just reflect on some of the things that made me happy throughout the previous week. So without further ado, here is my first “Sunday’s Taste of Euphoria”.

ImageONE// To start the week, on Sunday I showed in my first horse show of the semester with my IHSA Equestrian Team. I rode a little bay mare that a few of my teammates rode before me in their classes. I knew what to expect when I got on and I felt like I had a pretty good ride, but not great. The judge disagreed apparently because I won my class!

TWO// On Monday, waking up and realizing we were not ready to accept that fact that Spring Break was over, my bestfriend Amanda and I went to get our nails done instead of preparing for classes. And we might have stopped at McDonalds for lunch. And I might have eaten a Big Mac Meal in five minutes…


THREE// Yeeee Thursday was the first day of Spring! Unfortunately it was cold and windy in Massachusetts still, but I don’t care. We are getting closer to sunshine and happiness.


FOUR// On Friday night my bestfriend Emily and I went to one of our bestfriend’s apartments. She cooked us an amazing dinner, cheesy breaded chicken and noodles, and we watched Frozen and drank wine. The three of us haven’t been able to hangout together, just the three of us, in way too long. Simple nights like that are truly what life is all about.

ImageFIVE// To finish the week, my IHSA Equestrian team headed to Connecticut for our last show of the season. I came in fifth, which was last in my class, after picking up the wrong canter lead and having a very bumpy ride on a horse named Abe. You can’t win them all, right? I am just excited because fifth place is pink, so my ribbon is pretty!


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