My Current Netflix Binges

The life of a modern day college student consists of attending class, club meetings, work, and athletic practices, while trying to eat, sleep and shower daily, as well as maybe have a social life and relax. So basically, it is a lot of long, tough days and it sucks sometimes. It is as simple as that. I believe it is completely acceptable to lay in bed at random times (in between class, after dinner, or maybe all day on Saturday) with your laptop and some junk food. Yes, this is your Netflix time, and it is essential to survival of college. We all have our Netflix obsessions, so I wanted to share mine. These are the shows on Netflix that I have been binge-watching over the past couple of months!



If you haven’t heard of Glee, I honestly will wonder if you live in the real world or not. I watched Glee on and off throughout the past couple of years and missed a lot. A couple of months ago I decided to watch it from start to finish. I am almost done with the third season. If you haven’t watched it, please do.


heartland-1.jpg-pic3The Heartland book series was my favorite when I was younger. It follows Amy, a horsewoman with amazing talents, and her crazy life. The series is filmed and aired in Canada, so I can not watch it live in the United States. I watched seasons 1-4 on Netflix in less time than I’d like to admit, and now I am impatiently waiting for the rest to be available. If anyone has found seasons 5 and 6 (7 is live in Canada right now) share your secrets!

Orange is the New Black

UnknownA Netflix original series, based off of a true story about women in prison. The story follows Piper through her journey in prison after being involved with her ex-girlfriend’s drug trade. It is filled with anger, love, sex, and more sex. It is a must watch for college girls. There is only one season so far, and I watched it in about 3 days. The send season is coming to Netflix on June 6, 2014 and I CAN NOT WAIT.

Hart of Dixie

814618757_1380746108Bluebell, Alabama is the new home to New York doctor, Zoe Hart. The story follows her drastic change from crazy New York City girl to still crazy small town southern girl. It is a series filled with romance, conflict, family, and tons of new lessons. The third season is currently airing on TV, but I am waiting to watch it on Netflix.


5 thoughts on “My Current Netflix Binges

  1. I don’t have Netflix but I do use Hulu Plus and I so understand where you are coming from with the weekends being your downtime after a busy week of school and other stuff!! I am obsessed with Glee and Hart of Dixie (I still have hope for Zoe and Wade’s relationship lol)

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