Sunday’s Taste of Euphoria (#4)

Here is my recap of some of the things that made me happy last week!

ONE// Honestly, I am glad this week flew by. I spent the whole past weekend studying for a bunch of exams that I had to take throughout this week. It was stressful, but I survived! I think that is reason enough to be happy.

TWO// Wednesday was National Student Athlete Day at my school. All athletes who received above a 3.0 GPA were invited to a ceremony. At the ceremony, all junior and seniors who maintained a cumulative 3.4 GPA or higher were inducted into the Chi Alpha Sigma honors society. I was inducted and I got a nicely framed certificate! To end our season, my IHSA Equestrian Team had our team dinner after the ceremony was over.


THREE// Friday was my school’s second annual Spring Ball. The theme this year was Moonlight Mascarade. My date was my bestfriend Emily, of course. Everybody had an amazing time!


FOUR// Saturday was my second day of work at the canine rehabilitation center. I learned so many new things and met new dog friends. I got to do my first swim by myself and go in the water treadmill!


FIVE// After having a long and tiring day at work on Saturday, it was still beautiful outside when we got back to campus. So what to do on a beautiful day? Lay down and read a book with your bestfriend.


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