Sunday’s Taste of Euphoria (#5)

So, today is actually Monday meaning I am actually late with this post. Since yesterday was Easter, I was with my friend’s family which made it hard to post something. Sorry! Here are my happy things from last week.


ONE// Tuesday was the election day at my college for class officers. Also known as, MY VOTING DAY. I ran for Senior Class President and I won! I am extremely excited about this opportunity and I can’t wait to represent my class next year.


TWO// Thursday I got to spend time with my bestfriend Amanda, after not getting to see her much all week. When the two of us are together, you could probably just say trouble. Well behaved women seldom make history, right?


THREE// Friday there was a beautiful sunset. I just love beautiful sunsets.

  10268596_10152171863412713_3272137041065764479_n   20140419_124706%280%29

FOUR// Saturday, I had a long day of work at the canine rehabilitation center, but I met so many patients that I hadn’t met before. The first picture is Raegan, a little dachshund that had back surgery. She was such a sweetheart. The second picture is my bestfriend, Emily, in the pool with Ricky. Ricky is a dog in training with NEADS. NEADS is an organization that trains dogs for deaf and disabled Americans. The majority of their dogs are raised and trained primarily in prisons all over Massachusetts spend their weekends with volunteers in the area. If you haven’t heard of them, check out their website or Facebook because I am so glad that I was able to learn about them and work with one of their dogs.


FIVE// To end our long day at work Emily and I got burgers and Margaritas. Perfection.


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