Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I am excited to share that I have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. This award is given to a blogger, by a fellow blogger, who believes their blog is inspirational.


Thank you Raphaela for nominating me! Check out her blog here!

The Rules

1) Link the person who nominated you

2) List and display the rules

3) Share seven facts about yourself

4) Nominate 15 other blogs and let them know they have been nominated

My Seven Facts 

1)   My junior year of college is wrapping up, quicker than I’d like it to honestly, and I am terrified of figuring out “the next step”.

2)   I truly love learning, but I cannot stand studying.

3)   In the near future, I want to travel and work with animals in different states and countries.

4)   I sleep with my bear, Scruffy Cuddly, every night. No shame.

5)   I am almost done watching the 4th season of Glee on Netflix and I am so excited to be almost caught up.

6)   Sometimes I get myself into trouble because I don’t have a filter. I say what I want, when I want. Maybe I will work on it at some point in my life.

7)   Overall, I feel like I am not that interesting of a person. I’m just a college student, doing my thing.

Here are my 15 nominations!

I just want to note that each of the following bloggers inspire me in different ways. I believe that everyone has the ability to leave their mark on another individual. As a pretty new blogger, I appreciate people who work hard to make their blogs unique. I love finding blogs that are at different stages of the “process”. Whether it is their writing style, blog style, ideas, weekly projects, etc., these bloggers make me want to keep working towards being a better blogger. Thank you for inspiring me.

Again, thank you Raphaela for nominating me for this award and congratulations to all over the bloggers listed above.


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