I Can’t Stay Mad at You

Today’s Daily Post: Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?


Everybody deserves a second chance. Humans are humans. Contrary to popular belief, nobody is perfect. Therefore, everybody deserves forgiveness.

Growing up I went through the “I hate the world phase”. Literally, I hated everything and trusted no one. It was hard for me to understand that people make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes hurt others. I held a grudge against everyone because of a few individuals’ mistakes. I let those mistakes of others’ affect the way I viewed the world as a whole. Needless to say, I began to grow up and realized that people are going to hurt you in life. Unfortunately, the people you care about the most will hurt you the most because you actually care about their actions. I realized that being angry at the world and holding a grudge does not make the pain go away. If anything, it only keeps the pain to remain inside of you and allows it to build up more and more.

With that being said, I have also found that being too forgiving is not always okay either. If you constantly allow somebody to hurt you and take advantage of your forgiveness, the only one suffering is going to be you. I have learned that you can change yourself or how you handle a situation so many times, but if the other person doesn’t do the same, nothing is going to change.

Like everything in life, moderation is key. Holding a grudge is easy, forgiveness takes time. Trust and forgiveness go hand-in-hand. Forgiving somebody requires you to trust that person to not hurt you again. If they do, well I guess that is on them.



4 thoughts on “I Can’t Stay Mad at You

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