Goodbye Residence Life

Spring 2012 semester, the second semester of my college career, I did something crazy. I applied to be a resident assistant. Then something even crazier happened, they hired me! At this point I was almost done with my freshman, so I basically knew everything there is to know about college, life, and everything in between. I’m just going to throw it out there that I was completely WRONG.


Welcoming Incoming Students 2012


Halloween 2012


My Campus’ Staff at the End of the Year Banquet 2013

The past two years have been absolutely crazy. I learned about life, people, networking, healthy relationships, conflict management, responsibility, etc. Honestly, the list is never ending. I learned things about things I didn’t know existed. This experience has helped me come out of my shell and grow as a person immensely.


I touched a shoe for ResLife. BIG DEAL

My first year as a resident assistant, I was in a building with three other RAs and we had about 90 residents all together. We had an amazing supervisor who took time to get to know us personally. I learned that most Residence Life supervisors are like that. They care about you as a person, amazing, right? More importantly, one of my co-RAs and I clicked immediately. One of the first days we met during summer training, we talked for hours about everything imaginable. Since that day he has been one of my bestfriends and he will be apart of my life forever. Thank you ResLife for introducing us!


Zombies Together, Halloween 2012


“Most Likely to Be Seen With Each Other” Awards End of the Year Banquet 2013


“The Matt Smile”

I was rehired as a resident assistant for this year in a house with all freshmen. Going into this I was so excited. I got my own little house to make a home for all of these incoming students. This year has been more than amazing. My house came together like a family right before my eyes. I have bonded so much with all of my residents and I can only hope that they appreciate that even half as much as I do.

Working as a resident assistant has opened up a number of doors for me. This position has helped me grow not only as a person, but also as a figure in my college community. I have obtained multiple positions working on campus, met many influential individuals,  joined various clubs and organizations, and even got hired as Senior Class President for next year. All of this started the day that I was hired as a resident assistant. I have said that sentence many times, but I never really understood that until recently. Obtaining such an important leadership position gave me confidence. I felt like I found a place in this small little piece of the world. I needed to keep that feeling, I loved it, it inspired me. So I became a peer tutor, first year course assistant, supplemental instructor, shuttle driver, campus activities office assistant, public relation chair for the gay-straight alliance club, and so on. Each and every one of these experiences has been life changing.


Presenting an award to a faculty member I admire very much.

I credit much of this to Residence Life because it was my start. It was my foot in the door, my eye opener. Although these past two years have been amazing, I decided to not return to the position for my senior year. This was an extremely difficult decision, but I wanted to have the opportunity to make more time for other experiences my senior year.

Yesterday was the End of the Year Banquet for Residence Life. Another year has come to a close, and it hit me that it was my last and my days as a resident assistant are coming to an end.


End of the Year Banquet 2014

Thank you Residence Life for two amazing years.

You have inspired me to follow my dreams and be myself and that, is irreplaceable.




9 thoughts on “Goodbye Residence Life

  1. I remember applying for R.A. I didn’t get it, but my friends did. I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone. Glad you had a great time as a R.A

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