Sunday’s Taste of Euphoria (#6)

For those of you who don’t know what this is, let me explain. As an overbooked college student, running around like a chicken with my head cut off everyday, I wanted to reflect on the things that make me happy. I think it is so important to take a moment and realize that no matter how stressful and crazy your week was, at least one thing had to make you happy. So that is where “Sunday’s Taste of Euphoria” came from. I thought I would share my happy things and maybe other people would start to reflect on their happy things.

I missed last week because I was busy study for exams all weekend. Just like I should be doing right now, but I wanted to post something quick.


Our “we are so excited” Faces

ONE// Monday Emily and I signed the lease for our apartment! YAY!


My Supervisor Katie and I.

TWO// Thursday was the end of the year banquet for Residence Life. You can read all about my experience with residence life here and see more pictures from the banquet and the past two years. Although this ending is sad, I am so overwhelmingly happy to have met so many amazing people and make so many memories with them.

THREE// Although I had a crazy day at work on Saturday, it is always rewarding to help the dogs that come into our rehab center! I got to spend time with so many of them and also one of my favorites came in to swim!

FOUR// My residents and I had a serious night of bonding when I got back from work. I will definitely never forget it!


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