Senior Status?

Today I made the four hour trip from my college in Massachusetts to my hometown in Pennsylvania. Usually this trip is simple. I have done it over 20 times throughout the past three years. This trip wasn’t so great today considering I was in the hospital yesterday afternoon, getting fluids… Yay for being dehydrated at the end of finals week!

Anyways, I am home for summer. The last summer as a undergraduate student. My junior year is over. How does this happen? Where does time go?


The Last Selfie as a College Junior

Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited for it to be summer. I could go on forever about the books I am going to read, how much time I am going to spend with my dog, being able to go to the gym every day, etc., but that is not what I want to talk about right now.

Junior Year Recap (as far as school stuff goes): My fall semester classes included Physics 1, Biochemistry, Environmental Science 1, and US History. Besides being a full time student, I worked as a Resident Assistant in a freshman house, peer tutor, and shuttle driver. I was apart of various clubs and rode for my college’s IHSA Equestrian team. This past semester my classes were Physics 2, Equine Nutrition, Equine Care, and Cell Biology. Also, I picked up a position as an office assistant in the campus activities office. This looks crazy after I see it all written down, but I survived somehow!

So, now that this year as come to an end, I would like to admit that I am scared. I am scared to be a senior because it means the end is coming. I have had an amazing three years at my college and I am not ready for it to end. I love all of the jobs I have had, the people I have met, and the friends I have made. Besides the fear of leaving my school, I also do not have a plan yet. I have a million ideas of things I want to do after I graduate college, but nothing is set in stone. I could apply for Master’s programs in Wildlife Conservation and Rehabilitation or Equine Nutrition, or I could move down south an work at a horse farm, or I could get a job in research. Literally, the possibilities are endless. Of course most undergraduate students have these worries, but when it is you, it really blows. I feel like I can’t shake this feeling. I am constantly thinking of scenarios that might happen after graduation, but I still haven’t determined a plan.

I guess for now all I can do is go with the flow, relax, and enjoy summer.


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