Sunday’s Taste of Euphoria (#7)

This past week was crazy to say the least. Finals week. Enough said. There were so many good times and a lot of sad goodbyes, but it is now officially summer!



ONE// On Sunday, my residents and I got together for the last time (at least for this year). We made shirts that said “May House Monsters” on them, played a game of kickball, went to dinner together, and just hungout. I literally cannot put into words how much this groups of individuals mean to me. They made my second and final year as an RA unforgettable and now I have so many new amazing friends.

TWO// Wednesday officially ended my junior year of college. WOW. It was great to finally relax after two and a half weeks of exams, papers, and finals.

THREE// Wednesday night I got to spend time with a group of friends. It was a bittersweet night. We had so much fun, but it was the last time we got to spend time together before saying goodbye for the summer.


FOUR// Saturday I made my trip home. I can’t believe my junior year is over. Time to cuddle with my dog, workout, read, and do whatever I want to do. Finally.


Also, Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful moms out there!


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