Top Played Glee Songs

As some of you may or may not know, I have recently become a Glee addict. I binge watched the first four seasons on Netflix this past semester, which I mentioned here, but I have not been able to start watching season five yet. Although I love Glee for so much more than the music, I wanted to share some of the Glee songs I play on repeat with no shame. For any non-Glee addicts, I want to explain a little further. Glee has done many musical covers as well as various artist covers. Every episode has a theme. Therefore, picking my “favorite songs” would be impossible. This list is just the songs that I probably play the most for various reasons.


Defying Gravity– Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry

Loser Like Me (Original Composition)- New Directions

Americano/Dance Again– Cassandra July with NYADA students

Get it Right (Original Composition)- Rachel Berry with Brittany Pierce, Tine Cohen-Chang and New Directions Females

Can’t Fight This Feeling– Finn Hudson

Teenage Dream– Dalton Academy Warblers

For Good– Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel

Here’s To Us– Rachel Berry with New Directions

Jump– New Directions

Marry You– New Directions


Do you have any favorite Glee songs that you listen to an unhealthy amount of times?


11 thoughts on “Top Played Glee Songs

  1. defying gravity is my favorite! loser like me is in my top listened songs in my ipod and keep me hanging out is also soo good

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  3. I basically only watch Glee for the songs! Although the last two seasons have been interesting with the kids over at college, really loving the New York vibe! And your list is spot on! I can’t really recall Americano and Jump, but the others are on my list of favourites! πŸ™‚

    • That is a good reason to watch! I think the show has definitely changed over the seasons and I do like the New York portion! Americano/Dance Again is one of my favorite scenes ever. It’s in season 4. You should look it up on YouTube if you don’t remember the episode! πŸ™‚

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