Sunday’s Taste of Euphoria (#9)

In the real world, today is Sunday. For me, it is just another day because I am on vacation. I try to lose track of the days, hoping that the time in paradise will never come to an end. Last week, I worked a lot. As always, I found happiness, but it mostly occurred at the end of the week when my vacation finally started!

ONE// Friday, we made the trip to our beach house in Delaware. After hitting a little traffic, we made it, unpacked the car, ate some food, and started relaxing.


TWO// Saturday was our first beach day. I expected it to be a little too chilly for a bathing suit, but I was wrong! I regretted not wearing it, but either way, it was a beautiful day. I sat my but in my beach chair and stayed there all day.


THREE// After my little sister made a great dinner for everyone, we all headed down to the boardwalk. My brother and I got our first legal drink together! Well, maybe a few.


Next Sunday you are going to hear all about my week in paradise, so be prepared to be jealous.


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