Sunday’s Taste of Euphoria #11

This is my (mostly) weekly post looking back on the past week and the things I enjoyed. I think it is so important to take a moment and realize that no matter how stressful and crazy your week was, at least one thing had to make you happy. So that is where “Sunday’s Taste of Euphoria” came from. I thought I would share my happy things and maybe other people would start to reflect on their happy things as well.


Handsome Jay

ONE// Wednesday I rode with my coach for the first time all summer. I rode her new thoroughbred Jay and he was such a sweetheart! It is always so nice and relaxing to ride at home.

TWO// Thursday I drove up to Massachusetts to spend a few nights at my bestfriend’s house. Yeeee! We went shopping for our new apartment which was very exciting. You know, dishes and curtains, all that fun stuff.


THREE// Friday I adopted my new fur baby from a ferret rescue. I have wanted a ferret for a few years now. Most people don’t particularly like ferrets because they are weasels, but I think they are one of the cutest animals ever. Meet Zazu! I’m sure I will be posting about him.


Successful Surprise for My Bestfriend

FOUR// I surprised my other bestfriend at his graduation party. I might have fibbed and told him I couldn’t make it, but it was totally worth it. First there was the party for all of the family, then came the after party. Let’s just say a keg and lot of shots later, we had a pretty interesting yet amazing night!


My First Keg Stand Ever


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