One Year Blogiversary


One year ago today I decided to start this blog. I was constantly being told that I “needed to get my feelings out somehow”. To me, that was crazy. I was perfectly fine with ignoring my feelings and being numb because that was all I knew. I figured that this is something I could try and maybe like a little bit. Well, I think I made the right decision. Unfortunately I haven’t been writing much the past couple of months because I have been sick with constant headaches. Regardless, my blog has opened many doors for me.

I do not post everything that I write, which I am sure is common for most “writers”, but I think this is a good thing. I write whatever I want for the time being and it usually helps. If I like it, I post it. And sometimes other people like it, which is cool. I have fallen in love with words all over again. I was always a reader, but NEVER a writer. I remember struggling through my english classes in high school. I hated writing papers. I hated reading poems and plays. I hated watching movies and talking about them. I hated it all.

Thanks to blogging, I am so much more appreciative of literature. I read things that I would have never read before, I have learned a lot, and most importantly, I write. I try to write pretty often and I constantly have new ideas flowing through my head. I have been able to access so many emotions and ideas that I couldn’t before. I have also found so many interesting people, with amazing stories. It is truly inspirational.

So here is to one year, and many more.