This past month has tested my patience like no other. It was the last month of college classes and the start of finals, the last month of working 4 jobs and an internship while being a full time student, the first month being long distance with my girlfriend, a month full of crazy stuff going on back home, and the last month of what has been normal to me for the past four years. Everybody keeps asking if I am excited to graduate. I always answer, “well I am excited to be done with these classes”. The truth is, it hasn’t hit me at all that I am actually GRADUATING. You think about that moment for years, even your whole life. Graduating college. To think that I will be walking across that stage a few days from today is unbelievable.

Today I took my last undergraduate final. I studied for it. Ahead of time actually. But I could have studied more. I think I have said that about every single final exam I have ever taken. And just like that it is finished and over, so it doesn’t matter how much I studied anymore. The only thing standing between me and being finished is a stupid 2 page paper. So instead of writing that, I am writing this. I figured I might as well procrastinate the last assignment, just like way too many before it.

Today, 3 different bosses/professors told me to make sure that I see them before I leave. If there was one thing that would make graduating sink in, that was it. I have spent countless hours with these individuals over the past couple of years. I can’t imagine not seeing them on a weekly basis, some even daily. Not only them, but many others. My college has become a second home to me, and so many people there have became family. Recently my friends and I have been looking at old pictures and talking about all of these amazing memories we have made here. Graduating is so exciting and long awaited, but it is completely bittersweet.

Today, a professor told me that when I am working in the area next year (hopefully) that I have to come talk to her classes about working in a research laboratory setting. We talked about this previously, but it is here. I am not going to be a student anymore. I’ll be the guest lecturer that so many students struggle to sit through but really appreciate having there. I’ll be an adult or something.


Today I realized that tomorrow, my undergraduate career will be finished.

14 Things for the Next 14 Months

Since spring break is coming to a close, I keep thinking about how I am almost a senior in college. I wanted to come up with my first list of things I want to do before I graduate in 14 months (bring on the nausea). Everybody has their own ways of staying organized, especially in college. Most college students get by with “organized disorganization”, but we tend to keep it all together somehow. My method of keeping track of my life is making lists daily, sometimes hourly honestly. I always feel comforted when I have a new list and more so, when I complete things on my list. So here it is.

14 Things


1. Summer 2014 Internship

A requirement for my undergraduate degree is to complete a certain amount of internship hours. Since I am a biology major, my internship must be related to biological sciences. I applied to 7 internships, all over the United States, within the field of wildlife conservation and rehabilitation because I am hoping to enter it post graduation (as of right now at least). Now I am playing the waiting game with hearing back from all of these places.

2. Sign a Lease

I have been a resident assistant for the past two years. For my senior year, I plan on getting an apartment with my two best friends and I cannot wait. Can you say relaxation?

3. Learn to Cook

Give me anything to bake and I can do it in a heartbeat, but cooking is not my thing. I feel like it is necessary to learn how to cook at least a few meals before graduating college.

4. Read More

I constantly talk about how much I miss reading books for fun. I keep buying books that I want to read, but they just get added to the pile. So, I want to get through that pile of books and maybe some more.

5. Write More

I made this blog about 5 months ago because I wanted to start expressing myself in a different way. So far, I am satisfied with how it is going so I plan to continue.

6. Win My First Election

I am running for Senior Class President, which is weird because I am not a political person. The position was suggested to me by one of my bosses and I figured, why not? I have done just about everything else so I might as well add it to the list!

7. Volunteer

I used to volunteer occasionally at various horse farms and animal shelters. Helping animals is the most rewarding experience (obviously considering that is what I plan to devote my life to). I want to make time to do this again.

8. Improve My Horseback Riding

Every athlete has something that they want to improve about their performance. Mine is not specific, I just always try to continue growing with my horseback riding. My goal is to look back after graduation and see that two years riding for my equestrian team helped me grow as a rider.

9. Continue Getting In Shape

Recently I have been obsessed with working out. I have been trying really hard to go to the gym four days a week and find new and improved workouts. I am doing everything to keep myself motivated and I want to keep it up. Hopefully in the near future I will be fit.

10. Pay Off My Car

This is self-explanatory. I traded in my first car, a 2004 Jeep Liberty, to get a 2012 Chevy Cruze. Being a semi-environmental freak, I wanted a car with better gas mileage, especially since I drive back and forth to school. I love my car, but I am over the payments so I want my loan to be paid off by graduation.

11. Save Money

Again, this is self-explanatory. Currently, all of my money goes to my car and basically useless stuff (food, gas, alcohol, etc.). I really want to start building up some savings again.

12. Stop Being Late to Everything

I am constantly running in every direction. As much as I try to be a “professional”, I am late for everything. Literally everything. This needs to change before I have to grow up and get a real job. What better time to improve on something than the present?

13. Graduate With Honors

I guess this is self-explanatory. I like getting good grades and having a good GPA so I want to maintain that and graduate with honors. *Nerd Alert*

14. Have Fun

Save the best for last. I consider myself a hard worker, others say too hard, and I really don’t leave enough “me time”. As cliché as it sounds, I want to have an unforgettable senior year surrounded by my bestfriends that have been by my side since the beginning of college.