The List

If you know me, you know how much I love lists. I make lists daily, about anything and everything. I thought this list, since it is going to take slightly longer to complete, needed a special place.

This is my official bucket list.

1. Get accepted to an internship program for the summer of 2014

2. Have a flat stomach (flatter, more muscular, whatever you prefer to call it)

3. Become fluent in Spanish

4. Graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Biology

5. Go skydiving

6. Go parasailing

7. Work with wild animals in Africa

8. Travel by donkey in Greece

9. Get a real Henna tattoo in India

10. Own a horse (or a few)

11. Backpack through Europe

12. Apply for graduate school

13. Go on a vacation with my friends

14. Move to a new state after college

15. Make my own wine

16. Pay off my car loan

17. Write a book

18. Rescue a dog

19. Sign a lease for an apartment

20. Visit as many of these places as possible

21. Learn to cook

22. Officially declare my minor in Equine Studies

23.Work with and help preserve a wild horse heard


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